Local Daytrip: Bogle Vineyards on the Sacramento Delta

It’s fast-occurring to me just how numbered these beautiful October weekends are; Aron and I have been talking about all the things we want to be sure and do, all the places around here we want to be sure and visit, before the days grow shorter and the leaves fall from the trees. A return trip to Bogle made this imaginary list.


We’re surrounded by wonderful wine. Davis is just 45 miles from Napa, 55 from Sonoma. Our friends introduced us to another wonderful spot to visit—Bogle winery—in Clarksburg, only 25 miles away, in our very own Yolo Country, on the Sacramento River Delta just last fall. (You may notice Hudson’s baby face in these photos.) It’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon picnic’ing—and one of the few tasting rooms I’ve visited lately that doesn’t charge a fee.

The name was certainly familiar—it’s the 14th largest winery in the country. But I no idea the vineyard was, so-to-speak, in our own backyard.


We also had no idea what a hold Bogle had in Davis until we arrived for dinner at our friends’ house our first week in town. Pardon the teasing guys, but Aron and I recall the start of the evening going something like this: “What would you like to drink? Bogle or Bogle?” Next guests arrive: “Hey, I brought some Bogle!” And the next: “Here’s a bottle of Pinot from Bogle.”

With good reason, this family-operated winery clearly has a lot of local fans.

P.S. What’s on your fall must-do list? Pumpkin-patch scouting? Apple picking? Leaf peeping? Costume sewing? …

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