Lather Up: What’s in your shower?

For months I’ve been eeking out the last dregs of the Le Labo Santal 33 shampoo I collected from the Parker Palm Springs. The smell made me so happy. I actually found that Target’s Kristin Ess brand shampoo is similarly pleasing (and cost a fraction) so I would alternate between the two and assumed I would eventually transition entirely.

But then, in a moment of weakness on the Nordstrom website, I put two other luxury shampoos in my cart: an Aesop Equalising Shampoo that has a wonderful Eucalyptus scent, and a Scrub Shampoo from Le Labo that makes me want to wash my hair all the time. I’m obsessed with it right now: it smells amazing (notes of basil) and my hair feels clean, but soft like I’ve used conditioner. It feels a little spa-like, a special treat. And who doesn’t love scooping goop from a jar?

The other “luxury” item in our shower right now is Aron’s current obsession: Juniper Ridge’s Cascade Forest body soap.

The folks at West Coast Craft slid this into a gift bag and it’s straight out of an episode of Portlandia. I read the label aloud to Aron and had a hard time keeping a straight face. First, it has its own “harvest story”: “Wildharvested” (one word!) “in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.” And then there are the ingredients: “Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, and 100% wild-harvested fragrance,” which consists of tree pitch, fire-distilled herbs, steam distilled plant oils, and lichens. (Lichens!)

Well, hello there, mountain man who just rubbed on a little olive oil and lichens after that long, hard hike to collect some herbs in the Pacific Northwest.

But my goodness if it doesn’t smell amazing! Aron has expressed that he will feel a deep loss when it runs out. Who’s laughing now?

There’s also generally a neutral face wash nearby for me, a body scrub, and a razor.

Do you have any extravagances when it comes to your shower shelf? What are you using and loving? 

P.S. Odd beauty treatments I’ve tried, and a recipe for good skin.

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