Is this the end?

A few people have asked what type of camera we use… right now, we both share a Canon Rebel. But while we were in Costa Rica, just as I was photographing a man–who was shaving ice for a dessert for Ashley–the trusty Rebel took a last shot. And then it was dead.

After briefly panicking, I switched over to our old point-and-shoot, which we had fortunately brought with us for its underwater housing. After arriving at our hotel, I took the camera apart and put it back together again (a few times over) and somehow got it to work. It’s been fine since then. But now we’re debating a new camera versus a camera repair. (Who knows when it will fail again?!) Why does everything have to be so expensive? Thank goodness the lenses are transferable…

{Taking pictures in Italy, 2005}

(First image by Hannah)

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