Haus Interior

After a recent brunch date in NoLita, we wandered into Haus Interior, a design store by Nina Freudenberger, which recently opened on Elizabeth street. (They have a nice website, too.)
Their objects were both beautiful and affordable–nothing I saw was more than $300 and most items fell in the double digits. They have a wallpaper bar that makes me wish we had a bit more space to play with.
They had items from Japan, Sweden, and some from India–we’ll have to watch out for anything that looks even remotely like this while we are in India.
We bought small brass spears for serving appetizers (which we’ll now have to start doing).

They sent us away with our little package, which Ashley loved discovering was carefully wrapped in gingham tissue and placed in a bag along with two no.2 pencils (“From our Haus to Yours”), all festooned with a feather.

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