Guilty pleasure

As Aron mentioned on Monday, we covered some serious distance while out walking this past weekend. At one point on Sunday, we took the subway up to 125th street in Harlem with plans to walk south through the park, over to the Hudson and down to the West Village. Just as we were starting out, I was joking with him about “the spot that must not be named,” the spot which I crave every time we are up on the Upper West Side. “Are you thinking about it, too?” I asked.

Levain Bakery makes the most divinely rich chocolate chip cookies in the city and every time we are near the 74th street location, we hear the siren song. (Sidenote: believe it or not, the first person to tell me about these decadent cookies was my dentist!) We were reassuring each other that we would be out to the water well before 74th and Amsterdam and could avoid the temptation when–at that very instant–I looked to my right and spotted a brand-new, three-week-old Levain bakery outpost (only the third location in all, with a Hamptons shop being the other)! Good or bad, it seemed to be a sign that we needed to pick up a cookie to share. We took note of its location (Fredrick Douglas and 116th) so we can stop by… or avoid it… in the future.

Have a sweet weekend!

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