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Last month, when I was first introduced to Snowe, this candle on their gifts page caught my eye: “Staycation.” It struck me as such a clever gift! So often, the whole idea of lighting a candle is to go somewhere else. To be taken away by a fragrance, to escape into the ritual.

This one is specifically a wish for someone to have that feeling of relaxation associated with vacation, even while she remains at home. I could think of a handful of friends I’d wish that for.

It reminded me: sometimes when I’m stumped for a gift, I think about the story I want the gift to tell. If it’s the thought that counts, let’s hope the thought is clear.


I sort of love the way these candles could do the work for you—like a card, if you just box one up. Or a recipe for a thoughtful (more generous) gift.

For example…


Staycation. Just add a plush robe and a stack of magazines (and maybe that breakfast-in-bed menu).

On the gift tag: “I’ll take the kids.”



Taste Maker. Just add a dessert platter and a homemade tart.

On the gift tag: “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”


Pillow Talk. Just add a luxe throw (hello, cashmere, lambswool, and silk) and a box of matches.

On the gift tag: “Let’s get cozy and stay up all night like we’re teenagers.”


Speak Easy. Just add a decanter and a bottle of bourbon.

On the gift tag: “Cheers to you! A toast to making your mark.”


Rinse & Repeat. Just add super-soft towels and a jar of homemade bath salts.

On the gift tag: “Wishing you a happy new year—filled with spa days.”


You could get the whole box of candles and split them up. Or you could send one lucky person all five. (I can attest that it smells amazing when you open it up.)

Good news: Snowe is offering readers a 20% discount on all orders through 11:59 PM EST on 12/31/2015 with the code H&THoliday.

P.S. More gift ideas this month: for her, for him, for the kiddo, and for everyone else.

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