Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

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Some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day are those ones that can’t be found in a store: a planned picnic, a hand-drawn card, a quiet bath, breakfast in bed… I really do believe it’s the thought that counts. That said, sometimes that thought and gratitude comes tied with a bow. If shopping for a gift is something that’s on your to-do list, here’s some inspiration…

Choosing the right book is a good way to show you’ve been paying attention. Some ideas: It’s All Easy for the busy chef; Waiting for Birdy for anyone raising a family; David Sedaris’s Dress Your Family in Courduroy and Denim for her irreverent sense of humor (and to put your own crazy family in perspective); Do Grow for the aspiring culinary gardener; A Mother is a Story for the sentimental heart; One Pan, Two Plates for the new mother (with a promise of date-nights in).

Buttery croissants for your mom who lives too far away. (Or you could send an entire breakfast-in-bed in a box.)

Power reserve for her iPhone, so you can always call to talk.

A backpack diaper bag that looks as chic as she is. (And even if she doesn’t use it for baby wipes, she might like all the pockets—take out the changing pad and slide in a laptop.)

Lowtop Chucks that appeal to her sense of whimsy. And pssst… Throw in these low-profile socks, which were the most coveted item at our bookclub’s gift exchange.

Confession: I got this one for myself already: a red, soft suede clutch

Everyone needs a classic wool blanket, right? This Shady Cove striped one from Woolrich is a beauty.

To make pasta like nonna. (Here’s one for her KitchenAid.)

The Gap’s cotton robes are the softest. She’ll love the simple pattern on this comfy Modal Robe.

A hand-thrown pour-over set. Something beautiful and practical for her desk.

OMG. Let’s just put it out there in the open, okay?

Mini Letter Stud Earrings, for the mother of two. (I’d choose an H for one ear and an S for the other.)

A straw fedora she’ll wear all summer.

The most beautiful gilded coupes—which you’ll definitely fill with libations that require flowers. (Something like this.)

And here are some other ideas from years past that I still stand by! 1 / 2 / 3

Moms, What would you like to get?

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