Is Spring Coming?

For those who are in New York, you know that we greeted with first day of spring with snow. Given the choice between snow and a cold drizzle I’ll take snow any day, but come on!
The last time it snowed in New York was the day after we got back from the Caribbean. I’d set my alarm for hours earlier than was my habit while on vacation, and the difference left my brain in a fog. I knew a Nor’easter was blowing in, so I gathered my warm weather gear. And after taking a shower to help me wake, I put on my long underwear, extra warm pants, thick sweater, coat, boots, gloves, and scarf, and walked to work. Thick snow had already accumulated on the ground; I kept my head down, my collar turned up, and avoided the piles of snow as much as possible. Just before I reached the hospital, I noticed my head felt funny. I reached up, and discovered I hadn’t put on a hat, and my wet hair had completely frozen. My head, surprisingly, was not that cold, despite being encased in an ice helmet!

The sun came out the following day and, because I was post call, I went to the park to enjoy what was left of the snow after a brief morning nap. Here are some photos:

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