The water’s fine (and Friday links)


Can’t stop looking at this gorgeous painting by  the Spanish painter Josep Moncada Juaneda. Doesn’t it just make you want to dangle your toes in the water?

Or, rather, dive right in?


What’s caught your eye lately? Here’s a few things I’ve held onto this week…

Aron just downloaded a really cool app called Moves. It’s an activity tracker for your smartphone—and it’s pretty addictive. Just be aware that it can make your battery drain faster.

He’s also newly obsessed with ReadQuick, an app that has you read entire articles very quickly, one word at a time. Funny: he says it’s so he can learn to skim articles as fast as I can…  but I think this seems too challenging!

You absolutely, in my opinion, shouldn’t feel a need to hide when you’re breastfeeding—but if you’re looking for a stylish way to cover up (without feeling like you’ve set up a tent), I can attest from a sample I tried that this slight variation on a simple scarf is clever and lovely! (Watch the first video of its many ways to wear it—impressive!)

One of the best things about being around small children is the way they help you see the mundane with fresh eyes. Case in point.

Fodder for skipping the “gender reveal.” (I have a few friends who won’t be finding out the sex of their children in advance and they both noted that it drives everyone else crazy.)

And on a related note, these new stock photos are brilliant.

I needed this map when we were living in New York! (And pssst… they forgot about Ost Cafe in my old neighborhood.)

I’m really interested in reading this book

 (especially after this wonderful—and touching—review). Here’s an adapted excerpt my friend forwarded.

Did you finish House of Cards? Skyler slept through most of it while Aron and I binge-watched. (And now I’m sad it’s over!)

And, finally, speaking of diving right in… Looks amazing!

Have a great weekend! I can’t believe it’s March. Will you watch the Oscars?
P.S. These paintings reminded me a bit of this one that I posted about a few years back.

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