For the commitment-phobic

 I just stumbled upon these fantastic headboard-decals from Blik. They would have been the perfect solution for us when we were living in Los Angeles and chose to do without a proper frame. 

We actually had painted a headboard on the wall, using glossy brown paint and some careful taping.
When it came time to slide our bed over to make room for a sofa, we just had to repaint.
  {Aron repositioning the headboard, Los Angeles, circa 2004–sorry about the really icky photo quality}

It actually started a little trend–we discovered we loved the non-committal aspects of painting.
There was this…

{dining room, Los Angeles}
…then this.
It was lacking something…


 …and so I added a bird.

And then there were the halls…

The good news was that the next tenants liked it, so we never had to repaint!
But a decal would be great way to be sure of that. There are so many more cute options these days; I’m definitely filing these bed frames away for that day when we have more than one room again!

(first three photos from blik, found via here)

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