Fresh bed, fresh start

It was a bit of a push, but we began the New Year in crisp, fresh sheets and a brand-new bed. Aron’s parents watched Hudson for a few hours while Aron disasembled and reassembled our old bed in a guest room for our friends, and I ran off to Macy’s to splurge on sheets* for our new one.

It’s been a long-time coming… starting with that headboard we picked out in Bali.

That’s Aron, all 6’8″ of him standing atop a dining table, measuring out Saur (a fast-growing, non-endangered hardwood that we hoped was dry enough to ship home), just outside of Ubud, back in early August.

And Hudson with our driver, Nyoman, watching with amusement. (How cute are they? Holding hands!)

Then, the day before Thanksgiving, after stops at the port of Los Angeles and then Oakland, the 600-lb, 11-foot piece of wood arrived. We hired some guys off Craigslist and roped my dad and our poor, unsuspecting neighbor into helping–but we still only barely made it in with the help of blankets and seven-people pushing.

Basically, we can never move again.

Our old bed–a queen-sized Malm from Ikea–looked pretty good up against it. I fashioned a bedside table out of a basket, and the low profile meant you could still see a lot of the wood even with the extra headboard. But the idea was always that it would be paired with a King-sized platform bed. We opted for the Ikea Hopen bed frame because you can choose not to attach its headboard, and even though it’s still relatively low to the ground, it’s high enough to allow for some underbed storage.

It made for a pretty sweet start to the year.

*These Hotel Collection sheets were the ones we got for our wedding and they’re amazing. We have tried a couple of other brands (hoping to be as happy with a less expensive alternative) and nothing compares. They are so soft and they don’t get as wrinkly–something I really appreciated when I had to keep ironing bedsheets for open houses when we sold our apartment. It was painful to have to buy a whole new set when we upsized, but they are so worth it. I’m just going to use that cost-per-use calculation (the one we all use when buying jeans, right?) as justification.

P.S. Our living room and copper kitchen lights.

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