Have a delicious weekend! (& Friday Links)

October is here! The pumpkin patches are open, the costumes are hanging in the stores, and Skyler’s preschool playdough is scented with cinnamon. The shadows on the grass at soccer practice look especially long as the days grow shorter. Do you look forward to this time of year? (like Mr. Autumn Man?)

We have a few weekend trips coming up soon, so we’ll be staying close to home this weekend. Tonight we’re going to try a new Indian recipe and watch a movie—not sure what yet. Seen anything good lately?

I hope you have a fun weekend planned. Here are some links of note, mostly diverting ones this week as the news remains so grim…

A deer stumbles and it’s a drum solo. Wow!

(And if you enjoyed that as much as I did, here are more things that sound like other things.)

Ina Garten is brilliant. (Also, I love that she first asks that rhetorical question in this clip—ha!)

I’m so inspired by Lucy Laucht.

And by Busy Philipps. Just ordered her book.

This is a thing? The same photo every day.

Tinted lip balm.

Just finished The Golden State for bookclub. It took me a little while to appreciate it (this New Yorker review helped), but in the end I thought it was probably one of the most accurate portrayals I’ve ever read of spending all day with a baby, and took me right back to those early days with Hudson in New York.

The party of cruelty.

Fascinating: what a truly representative Congress would look like. Also, young people: vote! 

Love this simple calendar.

Who knew a corner desk could look so inviting?

The coziest sweater? In all the colors. (Still not over that bell sleeve trend.)

Human-like dogs.

A caution about those fake spider webs on behalf of our feathered friends.

An October playlist.

Love this! Dressing like celebrities. “If a stylist already put it together, the work is already done for you.”

A gentler way to wake up. Bonus: leave your phone across the room.

[Photo via The Inventory of beautiful East Fork Pottery]

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