Crowd-sourcing Kauai (& Friday Links)


Thank goodness for good conference destinations! Aron has one in Kauai this October—and I’ve muscled my way onto the plane. We really debated making this one a family trip, so the decision was a little last-minute, but the four of us are spending four nights on the South Shore in a condo near the conference and two nights in Princeville, on the North Shore. (Yayyyy!) It’s my first time to the island of Kauai, so I’d love to hear your suggestions!

In other exciting news, Aron and I are going to see the Beyoncé concert this weekend! I can’t wait!

It’s been ages since I’ve been to such a huge concert. How about you?

Here are some items of note in case you’re in the mood for some browsing… 

If we consider the ’90s the dawn of the internet, I’ve now lived about one-third of my life in the before and two-thirds in the after.

I haven’t pre-ordered a book in a long time, but I’ll read anything Jenny Rosenstrach writes—and her new book sounds wonderful.

The most beautiful little fishing game!

Locals: Apple Hill has begun its season. Here’s a guide.

What do we do all day?

Find the friends who always make a seat at the table.

We all need more breaks.

Who will “win” the debates.

Thank you so much for the podcast recommendations last week! Right now we’re on repeat with the Read Along Star Wars books (perfect for kids who are too young for the movies), but I’m excited to try them.

And also, thank you for the wonderful conversation about first musical instruments. It made me really happy to read all of your comments, which were so thoughtful.

P.S. Travelogues for Maui and Oahu, including the Aulani.

[That gorgeous photo up top was taken in Kauai by photographer Bryce Johnson using a Drone90]

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