Summer Days & Swimming Holes


NPR’s All Things Considered just introduced a new series where they will be taking listeners to some of the best swimming holes in the country during the month of August. The first stop? That quarry in Dorset, Vermont, where Aron and I stopped on a memorable road trip, a few years back. The oldest quarry in the U.S.—from where marble was used for sites like the New York Public Library—made for an awesome summer swimming hole.


We’ve been making a point to explore more of our local rivers this summer: Yesterday we spent the morning cooling off in Upper Lake Clementine—a reservoir on the North Fork of the American River. And a few weekends prior, we found our way to a spot under Foresthill Bridge at the confluence of the middle and north forks of the American River that was a municipal swimming pool around the turn of the last century.

Do you have any great swimming holes near where you live? Or a favorite memory spent at one on vacation? Share it in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!


P.S. One of the most beautiful spots near here: Swimming in the Yuba River. Whitewater rafting on the American River. And more weekend pics on Instagram.

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