Conquering the Chore List

Handmade baskets in the market

Have you read Jenny’s cleaning schedule? When I first saw it, I have to admit I thought it was insane! And then I kept reading and realized it’s the most brilliant plan. (And I’m clearly not the only one–that post has 1,943 comments!) I told Aron about it and next thing I knew it was posted on our fridge. I only realized this, however, after we’d had a babysitter and two friends over: I was so embarrassed! What are we? College roommates?!

But I have to be honest. I haven’t stopped thinking about it! It’s so brilliant! Especially this bit about baskets: “I zip through my house every night with this basket, throwing in every misplaced item, then going back to each room once and put the things back where they belong.”

We have a cleaning service coming to our place today (part of a most-wonderful housewarming gift from Aron’s parents) so now seems like the time to get some sort of routine in place. I think the fact that Aron is excited about it tells you just how good I am as a tidy homemaker. Ha!

A Cleaning Calendar to Make Sure the House Stays Clean

Baskets at the ready! I’ll be adding watering the plants and skimming the pool to our list. You?

[Photo by Melinda Anderson; Jenny has a printable version of this list on her site, Little Green Notebook]

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