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[41 Bond Street in SoHo]

My copy of Dwell arrived with a supplement this month: New York Magazine and Dwell have partnered to create City Modern, “A Celebration of New York Design.” This Saturday and Sunday, they’re hosting home tours in Brooklyn and Manhattan (for a pretty penny, I’m afraid). I was especially interested to see that 41 Bond is on the list of homes being toured. The building is one of the city’s most interesting new constructions, in my opinion; I love the use of greenery throughout the design. Abbey snapped these photos of it with my phone one morning after breakfast as part of her lovely series, “Daily Dose of Green.”

Here are some things I’ve been starring (some for, oh, forever) with the intention of sharing. Let’s see if I can get better about making weekly lists…

What a beautiful call to arms.

There is no end to the talent of the Hovey sisters. Wallpaper? Interior decorating? Brokering? And now a book? I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Heirloom Modern.

And speaking of books, Congratulations to Joy! I’m sure it was a great Q&A in SF last night–was someone tweeting the tips?

I’ve kind of given up on keeping my own spice jars, but these pretty labels could change my mind.

I love listening in on people’s guilty tv-watching confessions. Aron and I are total Breaking Bad junkies right now, and it’s pretty much all I watch now that I keep the TV off all day around Hudson. But Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Parenthood, 30 Rock, and The Office are some of my favorites. And then every now and then I get sucked into a season of The Bachelorette, or a gone-by series like Friday Night Lights or Felicity.

Rebecca is inspiring me to pull out our panini press again with these recipes. Last time we used it was for this picnic… eons ago.

Speaking of cooking. It’s time to start breaking in our kitchen in earnest. The “we haven’t unpacked the pots and pans” excuse is a no-go now. Could you last on a 30-day challenge?

I love Rachael‘s family photo at the start of her Boston guide for Bridget’s blog. The uncorked bottle of wine. The classic Volvo on the edge of a precipice. The babe in dad’s arms. And mom’s expression: how do you read it? What’s the story there? To me, it feels so emblematic of a road trip with a baby. I love it.

Quill boxes. Fascinating.

Talk about mom crush. Congrats, Joslyn!

This Hi/Low take on the classic Hermes watch is pretty awesome. And isn’t this gray sapphire ring gorgeous? Sapphire is my birthstone. Just saying.

What a clever way to get your two-year-old started on the habit of sending Thank-you cards.

I totally failed to finish the Sling Diaries. Blame it on Bali! (But thank you, Leigh, for not outing me in your roundup!)

New York in the ’80s.

Since buying a new home, my time spent on Pinterest has risen exponentially. You can follow me here.

Have a good weekend! Any fun plans? I’m excited to go to the Alameda Flea Market–we just missed it last month!

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