Book City Jackets

While at the Brooklyn Flea this past Saturday, I happened upon Book City Jackets. Essentially, they’re like those brown paper jackets you fashioned to protect your math or history books in the sixth grade, only much more stylized. (I always did love how my freshly covered books looked.)
I have to admit that I’ve wanted to wrap all of my books in tan, kraft-paper jackets ever since seeing India Hick’s library in an issue of (dearly departed) Domino mag, but—besides knowing that I would likely abandon the project soon after starting (that’s a lot of work for something where the final appeal is still debatable)—I’ve always wondered about the logistics of finding titles once they’re mixed in on the shelf. Besides, to use someone else’s words, wouldn’t that be a bit—well—anal?
Still, I think these jackets are sort of genius and they’d look great on just a single shelf or in a select stack.
 Here are some other examples of very particular bookshelf arrangements. 
Color Coded…
All white (and slightly transparent)…


Would you ever try something like this?
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