City sidewalks, busy sidewalks…

Last Thursday, we braved the cold to see the windows along Fifth Avenue, dressed in their holiday style. The chill (9 degrees with the wind) kept the crowds thin so we stopped to see the displays at Macy’s, Lord & Taylor (where we were very surprised to encounter these very alarming anti-terror police), Saks, and the giant tree in Rockefeller plaza.
But the real goal was to see what Bergdorf Goodman had come up with this year.
They didn’t disappoint.
This year’s theme is “Compendium of Curiosities” and features the most amazing arrangements inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, M.C. Escher’s designs, general Victoriana, and couture fashion. Among them was a window made completely of paper; one with Alice standing atop a mound of moss and dirt, with a rabbit’s den down below; and–perhaps most fabulous–a bird’s eye view of cards playing cards. The aerial perspective is spot on; I wish the details (like tea being poured) could be more visible here.
Across the street at the men’s store, the windows feature the actual figures from Wes Anderson’s new stop-action animated The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Also wonderful!
We needed to warm up after all that window-shopping, so we stopped in to try a cozy spot just around the corner from our apartment: the redhead. I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for comfort food.
(Sorry, this photo doesn’t really show the restaurant. I just think Aron looks very handsome here and wanted to share.)

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