Celebrate! (and Friday links)


There’s a lot to celebrate lately. Perhaps most notably, one of our dear friends came home from a 6-1/2-month deployment in Afghanistan on Monday and we are all welcoming him back tonight with a picnic in the park. He served as a surgeon and his Instagram account was often so inspiring (and eye-opening). He wrote letters to each of his two daughters every day he was away, and I think all of his family’s friends who saw photos of him being welcomed by them and by his lovely, 8-month-pregnant wife, at the airport couldn’t help but be misty-eyed. It’s a relief to have him back.

And, on a lighter note, it’s nearly Cinco de Mayo! Time for fish tacos, guacamole, grilled corn with lime and cotija cheese, spicy Micheladas, and these delicious-looking grapefruit margaritas!

Erin and her team at Apartment 34 shared this take on the classic Mexican drink and it looks incredible! Whereas most margaritas follow a 3/2/1 recipe (3 parts tequila, 2 parts triple sec or cointreau, 1 part lime), this one reduces the alcohol a bit and ups the citrus—with more lime and the addition of grapefruit. See the recipe.

Will you be doing anything to celebrate?

Here’s some links for your weekend… 

Aron, for one, is often frustrated by how many parenting stories assume the parenting is done solely by mothers. “My Life As a Dad” is a new web show created “by fathers, for fathers.” Sounds really interesting.
“The power of writing about family—then and now.” (Makes me wonder what she would think of this blogger’s quandary.)
And, on a related note: beautiful photos of an in-hospital adoption, the likes of which the previous author would have likely only hoped would one day be shared. (More here.)
Places to experience perpetual summer. Keep this in your back pocket.
And an indoor garden party, for when it’s not summer. (I can attest, by the way, that the Sunday Suppers studio is as lovely as it seems—I got treated to brunch there once.)
“What to wear to travel the world,” and other thoughts from the very inspiring Nellie Bly.
Who knew that sharpening a chocolate pencil could be so beautiful?!
Restaurants with outstanding views. (I have a mild fear of heights, so some of these would probably spike my adrenaline—but I think it would be worth it.)
I love “build-your-own” dinners and this is a great idea for warm weather: throwing a sliders party.
Finally, I’m going to be working with Galileo Summer Camps again. Check them out to see if they have one that would be nearby and work for you. (You might recall them from here.)
Have a great one!
[Photo by Aubrie Pick for Apartment 34]

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