A Boy Like That (& Friday Links)

I hadn’t been aware that Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett had been a performing pair before seeing a clip on Facebook this week. Their History of Musical Comedy (a precursor to Fallon and Timberlake’s History of Rap?), directed by Mike Nichols for a concert at Carnegie Hall, is so fun. If you’re a fan—of them, of musicals, or of West Side Story—you’ll enjoy this (below, at minute 6), too.

And if you’re not, well… you should be! The music in West Side Story is incredible. And the lyrics sometimes seem even more striking and timeless without the staging.

We’re still getting caught back up—on sleep, on work, on news—but here are a few links that caught my attention this week. Enjoy the weekend!

(Here’s their entire History of Musical Comedy)

The myth of the catty woman. “It’s time for all of us to stop judging the same behavior more harshly when it comes from a woman rather than a man. Women can disagree — even compete — and still have one another’s backs.”

When grandma knits you a Shark Blanket. This had me laughing out loud.

The story of Stan Smith the sneaker and Stan Smith the man.

All the girls. A look at books with Girl in the title.

On my wish list: You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain 

Even more so after reading a profile of author, Phoebe Robinson on Buzz Feed.

KonMari for kids. 

Winter is coming. (In July, but it’s coming!) And there’s a little 1991 Brit Pop flashback in there. James, anyone?

I can’t get enough of the summer jogger style. Shorts are not my thing.

Love and work ethic might the keys to success. Kids who do chores are likely to have more professional success in life, and other tips on raising an adult.

A toy-free kindergarten?

Did you love Big Little Lies? (So good!) The soundtrack was great, too! (As an Elvis fan, I particularly enjoyed the covers of “Don’t” and “Wonder of You.”)

And finally, Vanessa is a family-travel inspiration–this trip to Sri Lanka looks amazing.


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