An Astronaut Pool Party: Scenes from Hudson’s 5th Birthday


Hudson’s theme wish for his party this year was an “astronaut pool party.” It had been very specific for quite some time—right down to the half-chocolate, half-vanilla cake, and the friends on the guest list. At the last minute (i.e. two days ago), he started to waver: “maybe it should be a superhero party, mommy.” “You know, astronauts are really like superheroes. They’re the closest ‘things’ to superheroes I’ve seen,” I replied. Seemingly satisfied, he thought for a while and said “Okay, I know. It will be an ‘As-Sup’ party!” Ass, soup. Ass-soup? Hmmm… We’ll do our best.

I have plenty of sappy thoughts about this wonderful kid turning five. He’s so much fun—and I can’t believe we’re so lucky to be his parents (for five years now!). Here are some photos from the celebration—which happened to fall on his actual birthday this year!





That first photo is literally the moment he turned around after spying the balloons and gifts we’d set out for him. Love those bright, wide-eyes. We gave him his first set of “real” legos and it has been hard to pull him away! As with all the best presents, he forgot there was anything else to open.




The pool was full for at least an hour, but I started to notice little bodies filling in spots around the picnic tables, eager for cake.




Aron and I made him a giant rocket (thank you, Martha Stewart!), with sparkler-candles that wouldn’t stay lit but enough frosting to blow his little mind!


He told me later it was one of his favorite days yet.

Mine, too, buddy! Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Birthday parties past: One, on the Hudson; Two, with firetrucks; Three, with bugs; and Four, with kitties.

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