Viva Las Vegas (& Friday links)

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Thanks for the tips last week! We had an awesome weekend in Vegas—eating, drinking, dancing, learning about the inexpensive spots to get a massage and eat amazing Ramen off-strip… but no gambling. I think I’ve been to Vegas dozens of times and have gambled maybe once.

Every visit is a little different, though. I think it’s such a fun, bizarre place.

When I was a kid, my parents and I would occasionally go and stay in the old Imperial Palace casino, looking at the classic cars on display and going to see the Elvis impersonator at the Legends in Concert show. (I loved Elvis.) It was only two hours from our house in Long Beach, so we’d occasionally go impulsively—though gambling was never their thing either, so it was usually for a show. I have such a vivid memory of watching gladiators walk around with Cleopatra on the floor of Caesar’s Palace when it was cooler to be theme-y. I was too young to actually be allowed in any gaming areas, but you have to walk through, so it felt like peeking behind a curtain. I still have a particular fondness for Caesar’s palace.

I posted some photos on Instagram with the hashtag #emarieandnickturnold. I also love this photo that got taken of all of us toasting (with this crazy off-menu drink at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan that starts with chewing a flower)—we look like we’re in an advertisement for “What Happens in Vegas…”

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Some links of note… 

It’s Picnic Day in Davis this weekend! You can see my photo album from last year and the year before. Here’s the full schedule if you’re around.

I pretty much only brought jumpsuits to Vegas. I got questions about the one above on IG—an old one from Forever 21. But this one, which I also packed, is a new favorite.

I only caught the tail end of the OJ Simpson movie, but I’m very interested to see the HBO movie about the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas, especially after hearing Nina Totemburg talk about breaking the story on NPR.

This Vanity Fair article talks about why these stories are feeling so relevant again.

Humans: Not so special. 

The news about Zika just keeps getting worse. So many questions…

The sacrifices of an Immigrant caregiver.

I just finished the second season of Serial and it really grew on me. I loved the way she brought the story back to Sgt. Bergdahl to point out how, in war, these stories are less exceptional than we wish they were.

Here are some trivia facts about the show for fellow fans.

And, for fellow Marie Kondo fans: the life-changing magic for new parents.

Question: when you started reading chapter books to your kids, what were your/their first favorites?

P.S. We went to this one club—Hakasan—where Kim Kardashian showed up just after we left for second (2 a.m.) dinner at Shake Shack and there were bottles of champagne listed for $295,000. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever… I can’t even… Someone has to tell me, is that just for show? What’s going on?

[Top photo mine; Second photo by Fern Photography]

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