Happy Valentine’s Day!




A little bit of pink to wish you Happy Valentine’s day! (That man owns a pink corduroy suit! How great is that!?)

We’ll be playing it low-key around here (which is just fine by me… I got an awfully special gift last week), maybe baking a cake or something sweet. Do you have special plans?

Talking with girlfriends the other night, we all agreed that the best Valentine’s day gifts are often experiential—a unique date, a home-cooked meal, a massage… something your partner plans to show you they love you (and pay attention to what you like). And talking to guy-friends? Well, the most common answer for best Valentine’s day plans… use your imagination.

But honestly, even if you’re still scrambling, it’s not what you give or what you do. It’s the thought or the gesture for this holiday. (i.e. My two cents? Just don’t ignore it completely.)

Valentine collage

P.S. Love you, Aron! Happy Valentine’s day!

[Photos of us from 2010]

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