Time for Lychees

Summer may mean strawberries and sweet peas, but it also means Lychees. You can get three pounds in Chinatown for $10 right now. Three pounds may sound like a lot, but we tear through the sweet fruits.

One of my colleagues used to have a lychee hook up: the guy manning the fruit stand outside of the hospital would set aside up to ten pounds of his best fruit for him, hidden from view–and, before long, for me too.
I’ll never forget: We were operating late in my intern year and he had to ask a nurse to hold the phone up to his ear so he could give his wife directions for the pick-up, before having me take over the call.

And I’m not sure he has forgiven me over the time I once bought the whole stash! They’re that good. Fortunately, we’ve moved past that episode; but on the night of his graduation dinner, I brought him a few pounds and we bonded as we ravished the pile of fruit.

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