Test-riding the Bugaboo Cameleon3

Testing the Bugaboo Cameleon 3

Bugaboo contacted me to see if I would try out their newest stroller, the Cameleon 3, for 30 days.

We decided to go with the Bugaboo Bee

when we chose our stroller. (After a long deliberation process between it and the City Mini
–two great options for city dwellers and frequent travelers for foldability, low-weight, and infant-to-toddler practicality–the Bugaboo won out for its extending handlebars, a must for a parent combo of 5’6″ me and 6’7″ Aron. And we’ve been very happy.) But I was also always a little curious to see what people loved so much about the iconic Cameleon
–and was excited to give it a try!

Testing the Bugaboo Cameleon 3

People I knew in the city who had chosen the Cameleon loved its bassinet for the teeny newborn stage and the fact that the stroller could serve every age. Some even used the bassinet as a co-sleeper early on. They loved the Cameleon’s large wheels for uneven sidewalks and cobblestone streets and they raved about the smooth ride. They tended, however, to also have a second stroller–a lightweight foldable like a Maclaren–that they ended up using most often once their baby was a bit less, well, floppy–citing the ease of carting it in and out of taxicabs and up and down subway stairs. These parents also tended to have larger apartments than ours, the kind where you could fit two strollers or at least store the bassinet (when set-up).

I think this is the reason Bugaboo promotes the Bee as its stroller for Urbanites (even though it could also be fairly labeled their travel stroller). We were even able to learn how to collapse it single-handedly.

But now we have more space. And a car! So I was curious to see if this would have changed our minds. Afterall, the car makes a larger stroller more practical, but it also means I’ll be folding up/breaking down the stroller more often than when I was simply rolling in and out of an elevator and onto the sidewalk.

Testing the Bugaboo Cameleon 3

We’ve just used it the one day so far, and while I admit that we loved it, the jury is still out on “what if.” It would take a lot for me to put aside the whole foldability/ease-of-travel factor, but I can say I’ve already noticed a more than a few positives: the seat is higher and nicer for pulling up to a restaurant table (if need be); the brake is near the handlebar instead of at the footbase (where someone might be tempted to play with it); the large wheels make even the most root-torn sidewalk feel like a cakewalk. There are some railroad tracks near the house that my Bee wheels often get caught on (only slightly unnerving), so that last bit is no small thing.

If you have a stroller, which did you choose? Would you recommend it?


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