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Last weekend we spent the weekend up in Lake Tahoe with family—Aron’s sister and her family are in town from Germany, and it happened to be her birthday, so we all celebrated up there together. It was so fun to finally get to share the cabin with everyone. It was the first time Aron’s parents came to see it, too! We all pitched in and rented a boat for a half-day on Saturday from Homewood, which was definitely the highlight. If you’re headed up and can get a group together, it’s an amazing way to enjoy the lake. We drove across to the Nevada side, pulling in and jumping in the water around Secret Cove. The water is freezing—exhilarating is the nice way to put it. (It was!) I definitely needed a countdown when it came to jumping in—but it was in the 80s and sunny so you warm up fast. I shared a few photos on Instagram, and posted some more below. The color of blue just amazes me.

Trying to squeeze as much water time as we can into these last weeks of summer! How about you?

And what have you been reading lately? Here are some links to items of note… 

Mommy Shorts calls this an homage to the Every Parent.

Attention New Yorkers: Charity Water has set up a Virtual Reality Installation of their short film, The Source, and it sounds amazing! (Such a good cause.)

I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for this collection of essays.

Baggu has some really awesome new prints. I’d like this one for the kids and this one for me.

This Handle With Care Art project is by a Sacramento local that is blowing up.

Gorgeous before/afters in this home remodel.

In praise of “slow summers.” (My mother was a teacher with summers off. This seems a larger challenge depending on one’s work situation, but still a nice goal.)

Listening in on scientists aboard the Nautilus as they meet (the super cute) Stubby Squid.

Amy Schumer’s book is out—will you read it?

What do women leaders have in common?

Really solid travel-with-kids advice. (Here are some of mine for the baby stage.)

15 DIY Back-to-school projects

Aron and I were just wondering why there seemed to be so many fewer false-starts than when we were kids. (via Bridget)

And a few more photos from our weekend on the lake…












P.S. 5 Things Guide to Lake Tahoe in the Summer.


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