Scenes from a weekend away

We spent a few days in Washington DC this past weekend, and had a great time. En route, we visited with friends in Maryland, and then did a lot of walking in between passing showers. We finally tried the burgers at Five Guys (having mistakenly believed we were at the original location, in Georgetown)–I love the peanuts! (Awfully good, but vote still goes to Shake Shack, which is especially relevant now that the Shack has arrived in DC.) The rain (and a nice hotel room) encouraged us to take it easy, but we went out to celebrate our “second Saturday of May” for the second time in DC; this time, for our fourth wedding anniversary, we went to the Blue Duck Tavern. It really was gorgeous and the food was delicious. I had heard that Barack and Michelle went there for their anniversary–no doubt inspired by the local farm-to-table emphasis–and figured that was a good sign.

On Sunday, the sun broke through the clouds and we spent the day walking around the city. It was warm but we walked from Dupont circle, down through the mall, and over to the Eastern Market and Captiol Hill for lunch. Aron had to attend a Urology conference that evening, and over the next day, but we did fit in one more dinner together at Cork. I’d heard that the wine bar (not an obvious choice for me) had good food–and I’m almost always partial to restaurants with single-word names–but I can’t recommend it. We were visited by some critters (eek, roaches!) and left as quickly as possible. The drive home took us through a crazy, wild storm, but most of the way was clear and lovely. (Although Aron kept making me get out and walk!)

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