Scenes from our Fourth of July


When we were planning our vacation this year, we made sure we’d be back in time to celebrate Independence Day at home. I look forward to spending the majority of the day in the hot July sun, in the pool, with friends—it was one of the things we first imagined when were moving here, and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

The day follows a fairly predictable pattern: we decorate the kids’ bikes (or strollers or scooters, as the case may be) and head downtown for the City of Davis Kiddie Parade, checking out the annual bicycle criterium en route, and then clean up the yard and prep for an afternoon pool party and barbecue before walking to community park for fireworks. I love comparing the photos each year—with so much the same, you can really see what’s different. In other words, you can see just how fast the kids are growing.

Some scenes from the day, which was a warm welcome back to California after two weeks away and our inspiration to fight the jet lag!



“Hey, friend! Fancy seeing you here!” “Nice ride! Looks like you hang out at the dollar store, too.”



The anticipation at the start of the kids’ parade always makes for a funny frenzy. (I recall that last year I was chastised for stopping along the route by another mother! Intense!)




But really it’s a pretty sweet little scene. No one really comes to watch except for the families in the parade. We all just walk/scoot/bike/roll/run for two or three blocks behind a fire truck until we get to central park and listen to the high school pep rally band.



Swimming, barbecue, and fireworks to cap it off!


If you celebrate the holiday, what are your traditions? How did you spend the long weekend?

(And isn’t it a bit brutal going back to work the day after a late night with kids?)

P.S. Hudson’s first 4th of July in Manhattan.

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