Saturday’s Harvest Fest

On Saturday, we joined what seemed to be a great throng of young families looking for a taste of the country up in Tarrytown, at the beautiful Stone Barn estate, for the annual Harvest Fest. We had been out once before for dinner, when we first moved to New York, but we were eager to explore the property again when all the livestock were out–and we felt lucky that the rain held off just long enough for us to enjoy the day. (Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky with my camera, which broke within the first few minutes; the iphone served as our backup.)

The festival is famous for their roast pig, and for anyone who wanted to get a better sense of where their food comes from, or to have a very immediate farm-to-table experience–there was little lacking here. Some families posed with the pig, while others worried about their kids’ reactions: “Oh, there is nothing for you to see back there.”

Ashley commented that the crowd all seemed particularly fashionable, even in mud boots or flannel.  

The food was all wonderful–we tried goat milk caramels and red fife cupcakes and, of course, the famous pork sandwiches. Actually, I really liked the grains, which added an earthy, nutty flavor to the dish. Seeing the vendors (many familiar) did made us appreciate how lucky we are in New York City to have access to so many upstate farmers and amazing vendors at our own Greenmarket.

Seeing the little piglets was a real highlight. They scampered around like puppy dogs and their curly-que tails were so small. The youngest were just one week old.

For those who read baby mine, you may know that taking Hudson in a car is an unusual, and stressful experience. We decided that Ashley should drive while I sat in the backseat so that she didn’t have to be quite so close to the action (so to speak).  But I’m happy to say, after only a short period of severe crying, he conked out and slept most of the way home. 

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