San Francisco Sunshine (& Friday Links)

Last week, after the Color Factory preview, I spent some time driving around San Francisco and stopping into some favorite shops. It was a beautiful day in the city—I couldn’t get over just how bright and sunny it was. I found myself pulling out my camera to catch it both in the stores and at some Vista points along my way. I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots, below, after this week’s links.

Have a great weekend!

Aron and I blew through the new Netflix series, Ozark, last week. What are you watching lately?

What a beautiful tribute to Sam Shepard, may he rest in peace.

“Every medium has power,” and other creative advice.

Lazy cleaning tips.

Did you know it’s it’s illegal in Alabama to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket? Looking forward to seeing the full book.

Ikea’s collaboration with Hay, coming in the fall.

Loving the thinner straps on these Birkenstocks. Seems like they’d be more flattering.

A reddit for In-N-Out questions.

For real? So cool, Radio Flyer!

Frozen mocha mousse. Where has this been all my life?

An annual home maintenance checklist.

Are you a victim of affirmative action?

Reclaiming my Time.

Understanding the terms on sunscreen bottles. (Also, my recent favorites.)

My favorite eggs… And tips from chefs for perfectly cooked eggs.

Sunset at Land’s End.

Negative space in the charming new Hook Fish Company—delicious tacos.

Print display at the barber shop in the Mission.

Flood of light at Everlane. (Thanks for the silk tips!!)

Baggu—that chair in the corner looked like a place I’d want to read a book.

Hard to pass up General Store and Mollusk. The Outer Sunset is my favorite.

Until next time, SF!

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