Roar like a lion, bend your neck like a giraffe…


I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Before I eat another fun-size snickers and look toward Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few photos from this year’s safari! (If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a couple of these–hope you’ll indulge me!) These top ones are from when Hudson first tried on his costume. He loved it immediately, especially because he and Sawyer both had tails!

But it was Aron who really committed this year, and went as a seven-foot-tall giraffe!


It was an awesome sight, especially when he was riding his bike around with the lion in the back. Funniest part? So many people wanted their picture with him! We were dying!


Davis has a really sweet downtown treat trail tradition. After Hudson’s morning at nursery school (he was a fireman there), we watched the free showing of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin (where Aron and I had completely different/uncomfortable reactions to all the name-calling! “Blockhead” and “Stupid”?!), and then ambled about admiring costumes before heading to a friends’ house for some more celebration. (Love the family of police and convicts!)


I have a few dozen versions of this group photo, but I don’t think I have a single one with all of our trick-or-treat crew (and definitely not of all of them standing still)! Such a sweet bunch.

We’re doing a lot of traveling over the next few weeks. AND there are some great giveaways and changes to the site in the works. November should be a fun but busy month!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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