Written-wax: the art of Pysanky


Just before we left New York, I walked Hudson over to the Ukranian museum in the East Village to see their display of Pysanky eggs—raw eggs are decorated with a beeswax-resist technique and colorful dyes, similar to batik on cloth.  It’s a tradition that spans centuries and a skill that was often passed down from mother to daughter. They have hundreds in their permanent collection, many regionally specific; they are usually on display in the spring.

I’ve had these photos in a draft ever since our visit. Every year I think I’m going to order a kit before Easter and follow an online tutorial to give the craft a try, at which point I’d have photos of my own eggs to add. But I think it’s time to pass along that little pipe-dream for now. I hope someone else will try it and report back.

Oh, and just for fun: This is what Hudson looked like at the time of our visit! (It was that long ago.)

Has anyone tried it? Those of you who celebrate Easter, how do you decorate your eggs? 

P.S. Our first Easter with Hudson in Davis and pysanky eggs for sale. Also, New York.

[Top photo via AndrikasPysanky—whose pysanky class I would totally sign up for if I lived in North Carolina; others my own, taken at the Ukranian Museum in New York]

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