On the Wall: Sourcing large art

Going For A Swim by Whitney Deal

One of the questions I get most frequently is about where to find large-scale photos and art for walls—and where to get them framed. We opted for large pieces over a gallery wall in both our living room and our dining room.

It’s a good question: it’s hard to find quality prints at sizes that look properly scaled above a sofa or a bed. And it’s expensive to get them framed.

Recently, I learned that Minted had expanded their Wall Art Collection to include large-scale prints (with a framing option)—and there are so many great pieces. They have a range of mediums—drawings, paintings, photographs. I selected some of my favorites to share.

Seaside by Alexandra Nazari

The Beach by Baumbirdy

I’m really drawn to deserts (like this) and beaches lately—something about moving to California and seeing palm trees outside our window seems to have done that to me.

Summer Yellow Cactus & Blue Cactus by Wilder California
Fullness I & Fullness II by Alexandra Feo

One option is to pair two large images side by side or vertically, if you have a particularly large space in need of an anchor.

Violet Intertube 1 by Annie Seaton

And while I particularly like to see photographs printed large, I couldn’t help but include this girl in the inner tube—it reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings of his family at the beach.

If you’re going to get one of the Wall Art prints framed, do so before the 24th and get free shipping with the code ARTFRAMEDFS.

P.S. Other reasons to love Minted: holiday cards with pre-addressed address service and adorable new personalized kids’ name labels for back-to-school. (And you can get free shipping on those—over $39—with the code SCHOOLFS through 8/24).

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. As ever, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Pictured: Going for a Swim | Seaside | The BeachSummer Yellow Cactus | Blue Cactus | Fullness I | Fullness II | Violet Inner Tube I

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