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Guid to New York


I’ve been working on something exciting that I’ve been looking forward to sharing! I get a lot of requests for itinerary advice and I’ve been trying to think of the best way to put it all together (I think I’ve been saying there’s a guide to New York City coming for at least 3 years). When I learned Pinterest had a map feature (you can geo-tag your pins), creating Pinterest-based travel guides seemed like the perfect way to make content (like Hither & Thither Travelogues, the 5 Things City Guides, and other posts) more usable on the go.

If you’re in New York near Washington Square Park, for example, you can bring up the New York board to see if there are any other pins nearby that might be relevant for your stay. Or if you’re planning a trip to Italy, you can see which hill towns we visited in Tuscany by zooming out on the map.


Guide to Paris

I enlisted the help of Carly Haase (a fellow Davis grad!) to look back through the archives and get these boards launched. So far there are map guides to Paris, New York City, San Francisco and Italy (we decided to feature and city or a country on a case-by-case basis). And while they’re not exhaustive, they are personal—each one features locations that I have been to, usually with my family, and carefully curated suggestions. Each one is an ongoing project.

Follow along on Pinterest: There are going to be new travel guide boards coming out every few weeks, with new pins regularly added, so be sure and follow along on Pinterest to access the guides.





Guide to Italy

Guide to SF



Let me know what you think!

P.S. More old-school Itineraries, and how I use a map to plan for spontaneity.

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