Merrily, merrily

Aron surprised me recently by planning lunch and a row in Central Park. He knows that I’ve always wanted to hire a boat; it’s such a classic (and wonderfully cheesey) piece of New York.
We tried to take a timer photo but, after a few wobbly attempts, decided our traditional hand-held method was safer.
Aron did most of the rowing, and we hugged the shore, stopping under the shade of trees to avoid the hot, mid-day sun. We pointed out turtles and birds and colorful blooms, and shared smiles with other rowers (yes, mostly couples).
Afterward, we stopped on a bench to enjoy a lunch he had packed, and watched the other (miniature) boats that sail in central park. All this in the center of Manhattan–it never fails to impress me. (Aron’s not bad either.)

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