The lovely Jane

 Thank you, everyone, for so many sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great day–Aron was waiting for me at home with cupcakes and champagne and a lovely present, and then we walked to Union Square Cafe. (I’ve wanted to try it ever since we moved here!) It was a delicious night, on all fronts.
One of the other gifts that recently came my way–and that I’m equally excited about–is Aron’s old iphone. He got himself the newest model while he was in Chicago. I can’t bear the pricey plan, but I’m loving seeking out the free wi-fi spots around the city, loading new apps, checking email without turning on my laptop at home, and–of course–playing with the hipstamatic camera!Aron and I walked over to the West Village, to the very lovely Jane Hotel, to have breakfast at Cafe Gitane this weekend. We already love the NoLIta branch, and I’d always wanted to see the inside of the Jane. I’m not sure why it has taken us so long to stop in. The space is gorgeous and it boasts a long history (including a brief stint hosting the survivors from the Titanic). It would be a great place to stay—it’s in an amazing neighborhood and comes with complimentary bike rentals! We were taken up in the elevator to see a room overlooking the Hudson (over $300/nt), but learned one can stay in a 50 sq ft sailor’s cabin for $99/night. They’ll soon be opening a roof deck, but I’m looking forward to ducking into the lobby bar way before then.

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