Looking toward berry season

Not until late-Spring do the local, tri-state strawberries (amazingly good) come out, but until then there are some remarkably good imports becoming available. Their arrival has made me start craving (why is Ashley the only allowed to have cravings?) a salad we first made last year.
Here is how you can try it:
  • Slice a handful of strawberries 
  • Crumble some slightly aged chèvre
  • Heat 2T of balsamic vinegar with a a teaspoon of sugar until it has reduced its volume and is slightly thick (optional–straight balsamic works, too)
  • Add to the vinegar 1T of olive oil (I was excited to finally open our bottle from Sardinia
  • Mix a handful of pecans with 1t melted butter and 1t of sugar; roast them for 5 -10 min at 350 just until the sugar has melted and the nuts are toasted
  • Toss the above ingredients with a bag of spinach, crumbling the aged chèvre over the top last
This salad is great one its own, or with a steak.
 If anyone tries it, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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