Looking back at Sardinia (and some Friday links)

Aron and I were just remembering how it was one September, a few years ago, that we were here (or there, rather), in Sardinia. My goodness that was lovely. I just went back and updated the Sardinia Travelogue with some new photos and an upsizing for the others.

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re finally getting a do-over on that weekend in Calistoga!

Until next week, a few links… 

Have you heard of reservation bots? I hadn’t. Here’s the story… in light of the difficulty one experiences getting a table at SF’s hip State Bird Provisions. (via Serving Seconds)

Some closure, perhaps, on the question of how Chris McCandless* really died. (*Made famous posthumously in John Krakauer’s Into the Wild)

I’ve only just signed up, but I’m so excited about the possibility that this startup, Unroll Me, can clean up my inbox!

I want to make this. (After all, I’m a fan of ribboned vegetables.)

Pretty engagement rings. (One of them looks SO much like mine.)

This is a reason to fly Delta!

Speaking of which, we’re coming to NY for a week in December and I’d love tips on good (1 bdrm+) apartments to rent in Manhattan. Anywhere you’ve stayed and would recommend?

And did you enter to win a stroller? A few days left…

Have a great weekend!

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