Kumquats and prosperity: Happy New Year!

Cooking with Kumquats

Last year, around this time, we had just started choosing plants and making a plan for our backyard. Thank goodness many of our choices were succulents that could tolerate this drought! But we also planted a variety of citrus. Two of my favorites have been the potted Kumquat trees by the pool. They made it through a week of frost and have been so productive—they’re covered in beautiful, juicy fruit.


Hudson has been tending to them lovingly (this is him, back in October, when the fruit was still green, and then picking ripe fruit last week) even though, for his part, he finds them a bit too sour. Personally, I love the way the sour fruit and its sweet rind come together when you pop a whole one into your mouth! (Yes, you eat the entire thing! Peel, pith, and all!)

I’ve learned that Chinese often display Kumquats during the Chinese New Year celebration, as Kumquats symbolize prosperity.  And that the plants are considered wonderful (traditional) gifts. So it seems appropriate to share some mouth-watering recipes I’ve been eyeing, for using our fruit. I’m sure any of these would make for a great start to the Year of the Horse!

Cooking with Kumquats

[Crostini with Herbed Chevre and Kumquats // Kumquat Brie]

Cooking with Kumquats

[Candied Kumquats: image & a recipe // Dark chocolate Kumquat Mousse]

Cooking with Kumquats

[Pistachio Pavlova with Kumquats // Lemon tart with Kumquats]

Have you had a kumquat? Are you a fan? Which of these would you try first?

Happy Lunar New Year, happy year of the Horse!

P.S. Favorite photos from Chinese New Year in New York City (these ones, too), and more winter citrus inspiration: composing a blood orange salad and Sardinian pastry.

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