Key lime pie

I am loathe to turn on the oven in the summer–even to make dessert.
Key lime pie* allows for a minimum of oven use, so it seemed a perfect choice for dinner at our friends’ home recently. Ashley was chief-baker, while I documented her every move.

She teases me to no end about this, but my grandmother told me never to share our family’s secret recipes–so I searched online for a one I could endorse, and found this from Gourmet–but the real secret is adding extra lime zest!

{it’s best to keep the crust simple–graham crackers and butter}

{give the filling plenty of hours to set, and decide whether or not to serve with whipped cream}

It’s one of Ashley’s favorites.

*Technically–as my father would no doubt point out–this is not Key Lime Pie, but simply Lime Pie unless you use Key Limes (a specific species, named for its association with the Florida Keys). If you use fresh juice and zest, it shouldn’t matter. 

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