How to hold someone else’s newborn (& Friday links)

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I got a kick out of the article “How to hold a Stranger’s Newborn,” when it ran in the New York Times last fall. It was one of those headlines that resonates because even as a parent to two young children, I can still feel occasionally feel nervous about holding someone else’s newborn—and this seemed to suggest that I’m not the only one.

For my part, the nerves have nothing to do with any worry I’m going to drop the baby or make it cry (I would never! And they all just do!), but rather that I can get self-conscious about the parents watching me hold the baby. Do they think I’m going to drop it? Did I let them see me wash my hands just before? Are they looking for an excuse to take the baby back?

The article addresses this, with advice from Pat Rice, “a psychologist who has been volunteering for 19 years as a ‘trained cuddler’’ in [a] neonatal intensive care unit”:

“Try to avoid feeling self-conscious or attempting to impress nearby adults. ‘’Be more consciously in your heart when you’re holding babies,’ Rice says.”

In your heart. Isn’t that sweet?

Other tips I loved:

‘‘’Tell the baby your name, and say their name.’’’

“Make that tiny body in your arms your temporary nucleus. Start with the classic cradle hold, but change positions if the child cries, arches its back or looks exasperated.”

“Speak and sing.” (Rice often tries Louis Armstrong’s version of ‘‘When You’re Smiling’’ or just repeats: ‘You’re O.K. It’s going to be all right.’)

“Calm your emotions.” (And “generate compassion.”)

Aren’t new babies just the most marvelous, bizarre little things?

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P.S. One other lovely bit from the article above: “After Rice picks up a child in the NICU, he can see [his impact] in real time on the baby’s monitor screens: The heart rate slows, and oxygen saturation levels rise. A successful encounter usually ends with a sleeping baby.” Oh my goodness. I think my oxygen saturation levels rose just thinking about that.

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