Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him


Moving along to the fellas. As Aron would tell you: give him anything with love and he’ll love it. Here are some ideas if it’s to come from a store…

1. Hip, comfortable, and packable. Japanese House Shoes. Just try not to steal them.

2. A backyard bocce set for home or for the park.

3. Canvas Travel Case: “Keep your valuables tight and itinerary loose.” If his style is more formal, this leather passport case would be nice.

4. Essential reading on race this year: Between the World and Me. Other great options: AmericanahThe Underground Railroad, and Homegoing.

5. The Uuni Wood-fired Oven, which is portable and gets up to 932°F in ten minutes. Hello, homemade pizza.

6. I love this California surfer brand. He’d look mighty handsome in the Mollusk Windbreaker this spring.

7. NES Classic Nintendo, if you can get your hands on one! Otherwise, Google Chromecast makes a great gift.

8. For any dad: a Car Tracks T-Shirt. Brilliant!

9. A well-made Stanley Flask. A classic, just like him.

10. A goes-with-everything Wool Cap in grey.

11. It’s been years since he played Rummikub. Start a fire, pour some mulled wine, and break out the tiles.

12. We bought these for multiple people last year. Made in Kansas since 1952, the Atom Popper makes the best popcorn every time with nothing but oil and kernels. So simple.

13. Wonderful smelling skin care, because he deserves it, too!

14. A Shawl collar cardigan that looks as fitting in the library as it does in the log pile. (Update: Similar)

15. The best designed Camping Chair—so lightweight and so small when folded—which he will appreciate whether he actually camps or not.

P.S. Yesterday’s Gift guide for Her and three previous gift guides for him, each vetted for updates (because I still stand by the suggestions): 2015, 2014, and Father’s Day. You can find all the guides here.

Tomorrow, ideas for the kids.

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