Guest Post: Olivia from Everyday Musings

We’ve asked a few friends and fellow-bloggers to drop-in and share while we take some time to get to know this amazing little person, Hudson, whom we’ve just welcomed to the world. We’ll no doubt be dropping in here and on from time to time, but we’re so grateful for these wonderful guest posts and hope you enjoy them as well.

Have you seen Olivia’s Everyday Musings? She’s off exploring Spain at the moment (and posting all sorts of beautiful photos of Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona), but she’s been stirring my imagination with images of Charleston, caramel salted brownies, and summers on the Outer Banks for some time now. I’ve officially decided we need a family beach house… 

sunset on the dock

Over the years, my family went on lots of vacations — a cruise to Mexico, spring break in London, Christmas in NYC, etc. But what stands out most are the summers spent at our beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s the place where I first rode a bike, had a weak-at-the-knees crush, learned to cook, read every Harry Potter, slept outside just to star-gaze, and had my first kiss with a boy who took me sailing and had lime green hair.

amazing veggie dinner

soft sunset

At the beach house, we gather around a big farm table and eat spicy steamer pot dinners until our lips are swollen, boogie-board in groups of twenty and consciously watch every sunrise and sunset. We swim in the ocean until our eyes sting from salt and our hands look like prunes.

The beach house has evolved into a sacred place for my family — it’s the place we come to unwind, recharge, and be together. It’s just a quirky little cottage (with a breathtaking view), but I think it is the most beautiful place in the world.

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