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With baby girl’s arrival imminent (I’ve entered that limbo where I’m physically uncomfortable enough to be done being pregnant, but not yet mentally ready to have a newborn—the latter keeping me hoping her arrival is not too imminent), I’m thinking it’s time to get more organized.

I’ve seen (and engaged in) a lot of discussions lately about electronic versus paper calendars and such. I definitely refer to my Google Calendar for appointments and such, but I need a more visual way of organizing ideas. The result is that I often end up with is lists jotted on various scraps of paper—which I may or may not come across again at opportune moments.

On the heels of learning about how decor affects productivity, I love the idea of a giant calendar wall like this one (in the Oz-based studio of The Design Files), but wonder if it might make my office feel too messy or cluttered. (And imagine if Hudson got his hands on it.) This particular one is used in the service of blog-content creation, and I think it’s especially nice how it allows for ideas to be easily manipulated from a brainstorming pool onto a calendar grid. I’m going to give it a go, however, on a smaller version by SugarPaper.

But this leads me to a bigger question that I hope you’ll help me with, as part of the getting-organized bit means I need to (would like to) start planning blog content further ahead: What content would you like to see more of this year? Emails or comments (anonymous or otherwise) are always welcome!

[Image of calendar wall published in Dwell, September 2013 issue]

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