An early birthday wish (& Friday Links)


This isn’t a very it’s-almost-Halloween photo, but it’s an it’s-almost-Aron’s-birthday one! We love him like crazy and are excited to celebrate him this weekend. Happy birthday, love! Here’s where we were for it last year!

Any fun plans this weekend? Hope it’s a good one!

Some links of note if you’re in a mood to browse… 

A Millennial’s Guide to E-Mail Etiquette. What do you think? Necessary or patronizing? Are the rules accurate? 

I confess I order the cappuccino every time, but these are intriguing: 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Coffee

I take (major) issue with the play makeup in the 4-year-old category, but otherwise I love this fun list of birthday gifts for every age.

A new kind of jack-o’-lantern for Día de los Muertos. 

I love these rain boots for men! (Remember this?)

“Photography is a skill, not a talent.” Tips for elevating your skill when photographing people.

And more tips for getting great family photos, pre-holiday-card season.

How many have you been to? The oldest restaurant in every state.

A list of 100 women to follow on Twitter from the worlds of tech, startups, investors, and media.

A new-to-me Nick Hornby novel that seems perfect for a vacation.

From the archives: How to choose wine. (Handy, before the holidays.)

Some great inspiration for kids’ table activities at birthday parties at this colorful celebration.

A really provocative piece on unsupervised child-play (though I have a hard time getting past the terribly gendered stereotypes).

So many toddlers are shooting themselves or others with handguns, there’s even a map.

Which begs the question (among so many others), do you ask friends if there’s a gun in the house before playdates?

Thank you for all the comments on the skin post. Someone mentioned to try this for lips (“perfect pink tint”).

Gross is right.

Love this. “There are lives at stake in this election, and you are lucky if yours isn’t one of them. Vote, vote, vote.”

P.S. Halloween inspiration.

[Photo by Susan Yee of EnPointe photography. An outtake from this post—and one of my favorites!]

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