The day after

The storm on Sunday was termendous, a blizzard for the record-books. Watching from our window, the lamp-posts were shaking, snow was flying sideways, and lighting was flashing in the distance.
I left for work a bit early yesterday so that I could snap some pictures on my way to the hospital. (It also gave me a great excuse to play with a new lens.)
The city looked amazing. Outside our apartmnt, there was almost two feet of snow–untouched except for a narrow path of footsteps leading down the street. Major streets were somewhat cleared, but the sidewalks and side-streets were filled with snow throughout the day. In true New York fasion, the pedestrians took over the nearly empty roads. Most drivers either couldn’t access their cars, or played it safe and stayed home.

The parks were filled with snow.
A Chanel-7 van was stuck near Madison Park (on the way to Brooklyn), so the team reported from there. I admit I alternated between hoping she would pull me aside to interview me, and hoping the camera wouldn’t be on when I walked past.
Many shops were closed for business, so most of the people out on the streets seemed to either be enjoying the scene or working their shovels.
I was so happy when work ended early and I could meet up with Ashley. We treked through the streets (and, occasionally, along the sidewalk).

Fifth Avenue was unusually quiet (and free of post-holiday shoppers).
A warming cup of coffee at 202.
The wind was so intense that at times it seemed as if it were still snowing–so much snow was swirling off the rooftops.  
Many drivers had abandoned their cars (even the occasional taxi).

It was a most spectacular snow day.

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