Color-blocking at LAX

Have you ever found yourself in LAX beside these 1964 tile murals? They bring me right back to childhood: I vividly recall walking past all of these colors, running my hand along the tiles (being annoyed when I had to stop because someone was coming from the opposite direction), and actually thinking they looked sort of old and funny. They seemed dated in that way that you don’t appreciate as a kid.

For some reason I hadn’t been around them in years. I don’t think the airlines I fly most often (Jet Blue and United) use the Terminal these are in (Terminal 4?). I figured they had been removed in a renovation. I can’t tell you how happy I was when Aron and Hudson and I ended up in here all alone when we flew to California for Christmas. I’m so glad they’re still there–and now I love how dated they are (in that way you really appreciate as an adult). Of course, oddly enough, their color-blocking motifs are back in style!

Aron is wrapping up his last day at Tisch–the NYU hospital–today and moves on to his last rotation of his chief year at Bellevue next week. Only one more rotation and he is done with his residency! But to be honest, finishing this rotation at Tisch feels almost as momentous. Yesterday we said goodbye to him at 6am only to see him again when he finished his last case at 9:30pm, just to give you an idea. As you can imagine, I’m so excited those long days are numbered. And I’m looking forward to celebrating this little transition this weekend! Hudson is just being the most fun ever (I really think these past two weeks have been my favorite yet: so many smiles, crawling all over, pulling himself to standing… I think he’s happier to be getting all around and into trouble), and I want Aron to get to enjoy it all, too.

And maybe then I can get to some of those other things I’ve been hoping to share…  (For one, Hudson’s and my little Leap Day adventure.)

Hope you have an exciting weekend in store!

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