“Chicken dirty, daddy” (and links for Friday)

Hudson has started the silliest game. It began the other day, when Aron was teasing that he was a lion and was nibbling at Hudson’s ear. Hudson’s reply? “Hudsee chicken, daddy.” And then something like: “Oh! You’re a chicken? I’m coming to get you!” (Nibble, nibble.) Hudson then announced “Chicken dirty, daddy. Chicken dirty.”

Ha! We’re not exactly sure where he came up with that, but now when you go to kiss his neck and tickle his ears he giggles and says “chicken dirty.”
Guess he’s been reading too much Mark Bittman?

In any case, I think the day has arrived when I need to start writing down things Hudson is saying in a book like this one

. It’s so fun to have him talking now.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re starting to celebrate Aron’s birthday (which is next week) as well as his mom’s; and are also planning to wish one of Hudson’s best pals a happy third! I’m also hoping to make some more progress on clearing out the guest room and on planning how to decorate our little girl’s room! (I just started a new pinboard of kids’ and babies’ rooms.)

A few links for your Friday…

Maialino was a favorite of ours in New York (like just about every Danny Meyer restaurant). Love this great post on properly saucing your pasta (treat it like salad greens!) from Chef Nick Anderer of Maialino.
I got an apology in my inbox from Martha Stewart yesterday! Did you? What do you think about this story?
Cutting board inspiration from the Ikea blog.
We love our giant wood headboard. This is a great idea for how to get a similar look on the cheap!
What are you binge-watching these days? Breaking Bad is over, and we’ve quickly finished Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, and (on Hannah’s recommendation) Broadchurch. We just started Newsroom. But what do you suggest?
Loving the benches at this company, Barrington Blue—just discovered because Kate Miss designed them a lovely new logo!
How to follow your favorite blogs on Facebook. (Are you following Hither & Thither on Facebook? How are you following now that Google Reader is gone?)
Cute Kathleen Kelly tote bags from Hey Natalie Jean and Johan’s Son.

Have a great one!

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