Catching up

The months of May and June were great for the two of us, but very busy. I can’t begin to put into writing all of the details I would wish to about the last two months.

A good part of my writing time was spent in an official capacity. I was commissioned by Sterling publishing (Ashley) to write a children’s book about human anatomy. It has been a really fun project, and it has been great to collaborate with Ashley, but it has been a tremendous amount of work. For a few weeks, all of my post-call writing-time has been spent on it.

We hope to post about a great trip we took to Washington, D.C. for our anniversary and will be posting our trip report from our vacation in Ireland as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are some
photos from around the town and beyond.

May and June included–among other things– some heavenly days (on which we spent all available time and ate all of our meals outside), our second wedding anniversary, nearly 40 days of intense storms and rain, and the opening of The High Line.

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