Brunch at Jo’s

Saturday, when I was cleaning out my bag, I came upon the menu for Jo’s, a place we’ve passed by a hundred times on our way to other favorites. I had specifically grabbed it to remind us to go there and took this as a sign that this is how we should begin our day. We set out and twenty minutes later we in NoLiTa, sinking into their soft leather benches and admiring the look of the place–which was a bit quiet when we first arrived, but meant that we could snag a cozy corner table before more of a crowd came.

I started the day properly, with coffee and a Bloody Mary–which, while good, was probably too peppery and could have had more horseradish. Ashley’s Bellini (which may have been on her mind because she just wrote up an overdue Italian travelogue last week–coming soon) was delicious, spiked with Lillet. 

In nearly every scenario, I would choose either french toast or waffles over pancakes, but given that these were “Jo’s delicious buttermilk ricotta pancakes” I felt I couldn’t pass up the signature dish. They were, without a doubt, some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Served with cherry and anise-infused Maple syrup, soft pockets of Ricotta balanced the intense syrup and crispy edges. Ashley had the Eggs Bendiect and found them to be delicious as well. And as if that weren’t enough, I added the egg-in-the-hole side dish (not wanting to miss out an a savory option). It would make a tasty breakfast in and of itself. The whole grain bread surrounding the egg was practically fried, but in a good way–it was so buttery!

They offer a $21 three-course Sunday Supper for which we’ll definitely be back.



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